Sunday, April 1, 2012

Librarians with hungry hearts

A lot of the questions that come up when students and parents are deciding about college choices are about the cost\benefits. Is a college degree worth the price is you are going to spend your life selling real estate or fixing laptops? It’s the same question families asked generations ago about the value of sending a girl to college. “But you don’t need a diploma to raise a family!” Are those the questions we should ask?

Mark Edmundson, writing on the NY Times opinion page describes the people who should go to college—those with hungry hearts.

Some children and adults have a driving curiosity about the world. They enjoy hearing about new people, distant places, historic events-- almost anything can spark their curiosity and interest. Those are the people who should go to college and on whom an education is never wasted. They are also the people who love libraries and always find something to interest them there. Many librarians have hungry hearts; that’s why they aren’t bored by books and never tire of hearing new reference questions. We are the ones with hungry hearts and our favorite patrons share the trait. Let’s celebrate all the people who never lose their love of education, libraries, and the world. We’re very lucky to be able to spend our lives with them.

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